Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winter/Spring Seminars

Get your life in focus after all the Holiday bustle and blur.


Location: Central Mississauga

Discover Your True Passions-Small group $75.00 each (includes materials)
Jack Canfield's Testimonial

Saturday mornings 9:30-12:30
January 12
February 9

Evenings 7:00-10:00
Thursday January 17
Thursday February 21

Private session $125.00
Special rates for your group, club or association.

Journey to Joy Six Session Program-weekly $295.00

Tuesday Evenings 7:00-9:30
January 8-February 12
April 1-May 6

NEW The Journey Continues-Keeping Your Spirit Alive Monthly Series $35.00 each
These sessions are designed for those who have already taken any of the Journey to Joy Seminars. Be part of an uplifting monthly connection where we will continue the dialogue and enrich our spirits wihin.

Wednesday evenings 7:00-9:30

January 30 Whose Life is it Anyway? (Breaking free from the ties that bind)
February 20 Working Through Deep Family Resentments (A process for moving on)
March 26 Making Choices (What choices do you really have in life?)
April 30 The Search for Happiness (Does it really exist?)
May 28 Keeping Your Spirits Up ( How to stay inspired)
June 25 All About the Law of Attraction (How can it work for you?)

Consider booking an evening for your group or association. Private sessions are also available.
To Register:contact
Barb Ashcroft 905 814-6434
Journey to Joy

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Are you making the most of your precious life time? Are you looking to the future with hope and optimism or are you stuck in a rut focusing on long past hurtful events? No one can change the past for anyone. We all have some past hurts and resentments, but to constantly give attention to these events is like continually picking on a scab and hoping it will heal. We all need to have a time of mourning for the past, but dwelling on guilt, resentment, anger, and revenge hurts no one but ourselves. When we hold on tight to these thoughts, we become immobilized, and our true beautiful selves get buried. We waste the precious "now" and dash any hopes for a joyful future.

Let this New Year be one of hope, joy, peace and contentment for all. Let your heart be filled with gratitude for this moment right now. See the natural beauty of nature around you; feel the unconditional love of little children and animals; be thankful for a few good loyal friends; count your small blessings; make a commitment to yourself to live your best life now; follow your heart and start living your passions. The time is RIGHT NOW.
Renew your spirit and start the New Year with a clear focus for living your best life.

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Building Your Child's Self Esteem

Teach your children how to find joy in their small accomplishments. It is not external things or goods that bring self satisfaction or contribute to a child's self image. It is the actual completion of a task, activity or goal. We all know how good we feel when we have successfully completed a task. The more successful tasks or activities that children successfully complete, whether they be academic or extracurricular, the better they will feel about themselves, and it is this sense of self-confidence that they will take with them into adulthood. Give honest encouragement and praise, but only where it is due. Make sure the task is age-appropriate and reasonably within their capability. Support them with encouragement, but teach them persistence and follow through. Give them an example of a task that you have worked through and successfully completed. Make sure you tell them about your setbacks and trials and errors. They need to know that making mistakes is just part of the learning process. Quality tasks take time and effort. Children need to know this in our instant-on rush, rush culture. Start a record of all their ongoing successes. When they feel insecure or start to doubt their ability, bring out the success book. We all need to review our accomplishments once in a while.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Joy

The joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you.

Joy to the World!! This is the season of joy, isn't it? Maintaining a spirit of joy in crowded shopping malls, however, may be a little impossible. The Christmas season should be one of joy, but take a quick reading on your joy meter and see how joyful you feel rushing about, adding more events to your already crowded daily schedule and worrying if you will ever be able to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.
Stop and reflect for a minute. What is it that truly brings you joy? Is it the expensive gifts, or is it being with the people you love and care about? Slowing down and sharing a community or family meal, singing familiar carols together, and sharing and listening to each others' stories are the true essence of Christmas joy. We all are each others' gifts. What personal gifts and talents do you have to bring to others? Not all people have the perfect family with the perfect decorations and the perfect gifts. Many folks are hurting from broken relationships, or the loss of a loved one. Others may feel lonely as their loved ones may be far away and not able to join them at this special time. Christmas joy is about the celebration of people. Let us celebrate each others' gifts at this wonderful time and rejoice in our humanity. Let us bring peace, love and joy to those who are waiting for our call. The gift of yourself to others is priceless!

For Parents

The pressure is on. Our children are bombarded with daily advertisements of the latest, coolest toy and electronic games. It is difficult to hold the line when you are faced with such enticing and appealing ads. Buying what you can afford and what you feel your children will benefit from the most must be your priority. Remember that a child's love for you is not dependent on the size of your store bought gift, but on the quality of your relationship.

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In Joy,

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